The Wild Feminine Summer Book Club 


With Sophie & Edveeje, July 25th – Sep 5th 2019

Wild Feminine is the medicine we all need to bodily reclaim the power and pleasure that is our birthright.
~ Christiane Northrup. 

This summer, we invite you to join us for 7 weeks of embodied feminine inspiration, reading Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent, in our online book club.

Together, we’ll find power, spirit and joy in our female bodies and tap into our womb’s business and life wisdom, so we can bring our own unique contributions to the world in life-affirming ways.

You can listen to our wild feminine bookclub free introductory call here


  • We’ll explore one chapter each week, from July 25th – Sep 5th.
  • We’ll gather in a private Facebook group, where Sophie will guide you in a weekly Wild Feminine live meditation and Edveeje will share regular inspiring posts.
  • We’ll meet for a live audio session on Thursdays at 2pm ET / 7pm UK for each chapter (we’ll send a recording if you can’t join live).
  • You’ll receive Edveeje’s Wild Feminine Field Guide, with questions and explorations for each chapter.



Your Contribution: £25 / $33

All proceeds from this book club will be donated to TreeSisters and the City of Joy, so as you deepen your connection to your own Wild Feminine, you’ll also be planting trees in the tropics, and empowering rape survivors to become leaders in the Congo. 

We will send all proceeds (minus Paypal fees and admin costs) to the charities directly.


From the back cover of the book…

Wild Feminine is both a physical health book – based on Tami Lynn Kent’s extensive background in physical medicine – and a revolutionary guide to the feminine.

Based on her work with women and profound study of the female energy system, Tami created a whole new way of working with and understanding the female body.

By following the creative energy flow in the body – the place where spirit meets physical form – women can identify and reshape the essential patterns that govern this energy.

Through a combination of pelvic-centered self-care tools – bodywork, energy work, visualisations, and other creative exercises, Wild Feminine offers a unique approach for women to cultivate the creative center and manifest their joy.

By restoring bodily and energetic balance within the pelvic bowl, women become empowered to care for themselves in a nourishing and respectful manner, deepen their personal connection to the divine, heal spiritual fractures and redefine their feminine identity.

Women will discover a new and dynamic relationship with their body as it becomes guide, gauge and source for vital radiance and well-being.

You can buy the book here.


In these times of homecoming for women, we need wisdom keepers who have travelled the land ahead of us, who can lay a breadcrumb trail for us to follow.

Tami Lynn Kent is one of these women. Sophie recently had the honour of studying with her in person and was struck by her capacity to transmit the language of the feminine in such fresh, vibrant ways.

Tami is a women’s health physiotherapist who specialises in healing the pelvic bowl. She has sat with over 10,000 women, listening to the wisdom within their bodies and this book reveals practical, mystical keys we can all use to experience our own wild feminine nature.

Here is Tami’s recent Ted Talk ‘The Vagina Whisperer