As women changemakers, it’s vital to have a set of powerful tools to resource ourselves through challenging moments.

Like when you’re in a tech funk and want to throw your computer out of the window.

Or when you’re in a phase of your cycle where one criticism can keep your mind spinning for hours.

And especially when your imposter syndrome voice is getting a little too loud, and you need it to step aside so you can do the work you were born to do.

My favourite tool for this is music medicine!

I love to put on one of these tracks and dance it all off. After three minutes, I feel like a different person; plugged back into my ‘why’, inspired and connected to a stream of inner confidence.

Beyonce – I Was Here
To remember your vision

Alicia Keys – We Are Here
To remember why you do what you do

Ajeet Kaur – Haseya
To feel your love for our earth…

Andra Day – Rise Up
To feel connected to a web of powerful women

Nina Simone – Feeling Good
To feel, well, good. Just wait for the beat to kick in at 0.42…

What are your favourite, uplifting tracks to get you out of a funk? Share the love by adding a link to them in this thread.

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