Have you noticed how your business moves in cycles? What season would you say you’re in currently with your work and business?

As I emerge from the extended initiation-into-motherhood ‘Winter’ phase, I’m finding myself entering a kind of brand new creative ‘Spring’.

I’m getting clearer on my new direction, and I’d love to invite you to come along with me for the ride.

Below I share why I’m shifting my focus from marketing strategy to nature and cycle-inspired business coaching, as well as how living cyclically can transform both the inner and outer world of your business.

I also introduce the new programme I’m creating for Red School, called Your Cyclical Business – and I’d love to hear if you’re interested…

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With love, Sophie

P.S: Our family will also be living cyclically this year – we’re going to celebrate each season through nature walks and wildcrafting. I share our first adventure here.


And how cyclical living can transform both the inner and outer world of your business

(And why I’m shifting my focus from marketing strategy to cyclical business coaching.)

When I first started my marketing consultancy, I wanted to translate the marketing insights I’d gained as a film producer and non-profit communications director to the small business owners I knew; healers, teachers, creatives, artists – talented, soulful people looking for guidance to grow purpose-led businesses.

It was amazing for 3 years. I worked with some courageous, intelligent, and wise people. We got some great results: people sold their first high ticket programmes, launched beautiful websites, filled their client schedules…

And I also sensed we could go deeper…

I noticed that most people were held back (me included) by imposter syndrome, fear of visibility and overwhelm, and sometimes weren’t able to fully implement the marketing strategies we created.

They needed a deeper level of support, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

Then I went on maternity leave…

A few months after Arty was born, I began to spontaneously write in small, stolen moments, while he napped. I started writing about how life initiates us into becoming more powerful, creative business owners, through experiences like my recent challenges: infertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and also other profound transitions such as illness, divorce, and death of a loved one. 

I wrote about how the intelligence within the cycles and seasons of nature can support this initiation process… as we grow our vision-led businesses.

I gently moved back into work, as the part-time director of communications for Red School, a leadership organisation rooted in the wisdom of the menstrual cycle and menopause.

And slowly a new approach to my work has been emerging. One that puts the initiatory, transformational power of nature’s cycles – and especially the menstrual cycle – at the center of our work and businesses.

How can your menstrual cycle (or the lunar cycle) can become your best business coach?

The menstrual cycle has four phases which mirror the seasons of the year in the northern hemisphere. And inside each of the seasons: pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstruum and menstruation there are natural gifts and capacities for business…

(I want to say up front that if you don’t have a menstrual cycle, because you’re post-menopause, have a health condition, you’re a trans woman, you’re pregnant / breastfeeding, or any other reason, you can work with the four phases of the lunar cycle in the same way.)

The natural gifts of the menstrual (or moon cycle) for business:

  • In inner summer, ovulation (full moon) – there is often a natural capacity to celebrate and channel our unique talents and skills. So instead of getting lost in comparison-itis, or following cookie-cutter models that don’t deliver results, we can clarify our own, personal path to business success.

  • In inner autumn, pre-menstruum (waning moon) – our powers of discernment, aka our bullshit radar, are heightened, so we can move from procrastination and uncertainty about our business, to clarity about the simplest and most effective ways to deliver the most powerful results.

  • In inner winter, menstruation (new moon) – we can more easily tap into the vision that guides our work, so that we can infuse it into everything we say and do in our business, to create a natural magnetism that inspires new clients and customers.

  • In inner spring, pre-ovulation (waxing moon) – we are more naturally in touch with our sensitivities and needs, so instead of burning out, we can understand the self-care boundaries we need to put in place in order to run a sustainable business that works for us and our clients.

And a few months ago I realised…

THIS IS IT! This is the map I’ve been looking for. The map that can we purpose-led business owners can work with to create even better results.

I’m dreaming into a new online course to journey through the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle (or lunar cycle) to:

  1. Create healthy, sustainable rhythms in your business, so you can thrive instead of feel burnt out. 
  2. Amplify your creativity and unique form of expression so you can reach the people you’d most love to work with. 
  3. Manage your inner critic and ease imposter syndrome so you can feel freed up to express yourself and create the work you are here to create. 
  4. Tap into the visionnary powers of your menstrual phase so you can be your own business coach.

The new programme is called Your Cyclical Business. We’ll explore a new way of creating and growing successful sustainable businesses, where our cyclical wisdom at the heart.

If you’d like to hear more, please send me a quick message on Instagram.

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