One of the keys to making marketing feel joyful, rather than draining and overwhelming is to consistently commit to your vision.

When you commit to that which you’re here to serve, and root yourself in it, you tap into a SUPERPOWER. 

The power of commitment is epic. It helps you surf the waves of life running a business, leading a project, writing a book, launching a movement…

It gives you deep, unshakeable roots and makes you indomitable. You can’t so easily sweat the small stuff when you have your eyes on the prize.

Committing to your vision gives you ground to stand on, no matter what; when people criticise you (they will), when you feel uninspired (you will), when your computer starts going slow and you want to throw it out of the window (it will!!), you’ll have a source of joy that is truly endless.

Committing to your vision allows you to relax into life’s intelligence. Instead of trying to do-all-the-things when it comes to marketing your work, you can instead tune into the core activities that will help you to realise your vision.

These three activities can connect you to your vision quickly:
1. Write it on a post-it note and stick it next to your computer screen.

2. Link it to a song that you can listen to when you experience moments of doubt.

3. Tell a friend and ask them to remind you of it next time imposter syndrome kicks in. 

Your only job is to stay committed and look for opportunities, and you’ll see so many more opportunities when you’re focused on your vision (rather than being distracted by criticism, imposter syndrome, Instagram feeds or the latest Facebook advert).

Marketing becomes so much easier when you keep your eye on the big picture rather than being disheartened by day to day challenges. It allows you to focus more clearly on your message, nurture relationships and free up more energy to write and create.

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