Welcome to the If Women Rose Rooted book club with Sophie & Edveeje

~ may this adventure infuse your Spring with earth, soul and inspiration. 

(By joining this book club you’ve planted between 25 and 30 trees through TreeSisters.
What an act of beauty, thank you!)

What Do I Do next?

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a welcome email to your Paypal email address. If the email address you want to use for the Book Club is different from your Paypal address please contact me here and I’ll make sure we get it changed so you receive our emails.

How will the book club work?

The book: You can buy the book in written and audiobook format. Don’t worry if it doesn’t arrive before the first session – the live calls will still be accessible and beneficial if you haven’t read the chapter. 

The weekly calls: We’ll meet for live audio sessions on Wednesdays at 11am ET / 4pm UK, where we’ll explore one chapter each week, from May 13th to July 1st. (We’ll send a recording if you can’t join live and we’ll send your call-in details the day before each call.) 

The Facebook Group: We’ll include a link to the private Facebook group in the welcome email. 

Thank you for making this beautiful commitment to yourself and our earth! Edveeje and I are so excited to get to connect with you and begin this sacred feminine adventure.